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Turkish e Visa, Online Turkey Application System is a travel authorization that grants its holder authorization to travel to Turkey. Learn how to obtain your e-Visa for Turkey here.


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TSAVISA company provides services according to international rules and laws determined by all governments. It applies customer security and legal obligations very carefully in the visas of the governments and non-contract governments with which we have agreements and contracts. It provides more than 30 thousand sticker and e-visa services annually with this understanding. It has taken all security measures to ensure that its customers receive accurate and quality service.


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TSA VISA is committed to providing reliable service with its expert staff. It provides legal and secure services specified by governments. Acting with the principle of transparency, TSA VISA targets price standards and high quality in its services. It provides service with the official fees and the service and insurance costs that it has announced beforehand. TSAVISA does not provide services not specified on its pages and does not charge any fees for services that are not.


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TSA VISA is not just an online portal. TSA VISA operates in different countries and in agreement with different governments. TSA TRAVEL, which prioritizes quality and safe service with its more than 100 employees, serves as a member of Tourism Ministries and Tourism Professional Associations in the countries where it operates. It is also available in our international IATA certificate and quality certificates.


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TSAEVISA, another brand of Turkish Service Agency AŞ, allows you to apply for an online visa on the internet, as well as providing services with our TSAVISA brand in our offices in 10 countries and with more than 80 personnel. Our Istanbul office, which provides application services for all countries when going abroad from Turkey, is also the data processing center of our operations conducted abroad. Our company, with its expert staff, provides solution-centered service with the priority of correct information in all individual and corporate visa needs.

In addition, we serve as the sole authorized visa application center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey in our centers located in Sudan - Khartoum, Ethiopia - Addis Ababa and Djibouti. Our offices, which act with the main purpose of easing the workload of our embassies with our experienced team, also play a leading role in attracting qualified tourists to our country by directing the applications of the applicants correctly.


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TSA VISA is a reliable visa brand operating in many countries, especially in Turkey. With TSA Travel, of which it is a solution partner, it provides more than 30,000 visa services and more than 50,000 tourism services in the global market annually.
With the visa and tourism network it has created around the world, it continues its services so that its guests can receive service safely.
We have started TSA E-VISA services to provide high quality online service to all customers by providing the service advantages of digitalization in the developing world.




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The e-Visa is a permit document that allows entry to Turkey. It is an alternative to the visas issued by our representatives and the visas issued at the border gates. Applicants can obtain their e-Visas by providing the necessary information and paying the e-Visa fees with the specified credit or debit card. After successful completion of the application, the link to download the e-Visa is provided both on the last stage of the application and sent to the applicant's e-mail address. At the border gates, passport control officers can check the e-Visa information from their own systems. However, users are advised to keep their e-Visas with them in print or digital form (tablet computer, smartphone, etc.) in case the system goes offline. The e-visa is not valid for travel to Turkey other than for touristic or commercial purposes (work, student visa, etc.). Such visa applications must be made through our foreign representatives. As with all visas, the Turkish authorities reserve the right not to allow an e-Visa holder to enter Turkey without giving reasons.

What do I need to apply for an e-Visa? According to paragraph (b) of Article 7 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, foreigners who come to enter our country must carry "a passport valid for at least 60 days after the expiry of the visa, visa exemption or residence permit period, or a document that replaces a passport". Depending on your nationality, you may be required to meet certain other conditions. Information about these conditions (if any) will be provided after selecting your nationality and entry date at the application stages.

Thanks to the e-Visa, which you can easily get from anywhere with internet access, it is possible to apply for a visa and enter Turkey without waiting in line at the Representations of the Republic of Turkey or at the border gate.

Citizens of the countries listed below can obtain an e-Visa provided that they meet the required conditions. Required requirements are listed after Home > Apply > Nationality. Countries USA. Afghanistan Angola Antigua and Barbuda Australia Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belgium Benin Bermuda United Arab Emirates Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Bhutan Algeria Djibouti Chad China East Timor Dominican Republic Dominica Equatorial Guinea Indonesia Eritrea Armenia Estonia Ethiopia Fiji Ivory Coast Philippines Palestine Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea B Africa Southern Cyprus Haiti Croatia India Netherlands Hong Kong Iraq Spain Jamaica Cambodia Cameroon Canada Kenya Comoros Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo Kuwait Lesotho Latvia Liberia Libya Lithuania Madagascar Malawi Maldives Mali Malta Mauritius Mexico Egypt Mauritania Mozambique Namibia Nepal Niger Nigeria Central African Republic Pakistan Portugal Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe Sen Lucia Sen Vinsent and the Grenadines Senegal Sierra Leone Solomon Islands Somalia Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Saudi Arabia Swaziland Tanzania Taiwan Togo Uganda Oman Vanuatu Vietnam Yemen Cape Verde Zambia Zimbabwe

No. The date you specify in your application is the start date of the validity period of your visa. From this date, it is possible to enter Turkey on any date within the validity period of your visa.

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