Applicant Information and Consent Form

It is the applicant information and consent form!

1- Dear Customer, Everyone who visits our TSAEVISA website, which is a company that can make transactions in the Republic of Turkey Online visa system, for the follow-up and completion of e-visa transactions, who makes transactions on the website, who personally comes to our offices or applies for information, is deemed to have accepted the following conditions.

2- Everyone who applies through our website is deemed to have accepted the following terms and conditions.

3- The applicant is obliged to fill in the required personal data completely and completely in all transactions that he will make through the website, call center or personally coming to our offices. TSAEVISA cannot be held responsible for incomplete, inaccurate, misrepresentations and their consequences.

4- The applicant accepts and approves in advance to submit all his personal data, documents and passport to TSAEVISA voluntarily for the purpose of making the visa application process, processing, transmitting to the relevant authorities via online systems and/or sharing with the consulate.

5- TSAEVISA does not have any authority or obligation to control the accuracy or incompleteness of personal data. The applicant is responsible for the correct, complete and error-free personal data requested by the system.

6- Except for legal obligations, TSAEVISA will only process Personal Data in line with the visa application and will keep it for the duration of the information to be provided by the relevant online system and/or representative office. The applicant accepts and declares in advance that his personal data is processed and stored for this purpose.

7- He accepts in advance that he consents to the collection of all personal information provided by the applicant as explained, to be stored for a maximum of 90 (ninety) days, to be processed for visa applications and to be used for transmission to the relevant consular units.

8- The applicant undertakes in advance that the information in the application form and all relevant documents is correct and accepts in advance that it cannot impose any responsibility on the TSAEVISA company for any visa application that will result in a negative result due to any deficiency, inaccuracy or invalidity in this information.

9- TSAEVISA uses secure data networks as well as standards-compliant firewalls and data protection applications to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data collected in the computer program. Although TSAEVISA takes reasonable precautions to protect personal data; does not give a hundred percent security guarantee against those who might want to bypass the security measures on the internet or interfere with this data. In this regard, the applicants acknowledge and declare in advance that TSAEVISA has no responsibility for such violations.

10- The applicants state that they understand the information collection, use and disclosure practices of TSAEVISA, that they give permission and consent to the processing, storage, use of these data for the stated purpose and within the specified period, and that they have no objections regarding the process, that the data is used, stored and processed as mentioned. It declares and accepts in advance that it does not have any rights or demands from TSAEVISA in relation to the processing of it and it will not be within or outside the mentioned cases.

11- Visa fee and TSAEVISA service fees paid in the visa application procedures (including all possible negativities) cannot be returned to the applicant in any way.

12- TSAEVISA is responsible for ensuring coordination between the Republic of Turkey online visa systems and visa applicants. It has no obligation or influence during the evaluation and approval of the visa application. Only the authorities of the Republic of Turkey can decide whether the applicant can obtain a visa or not. TSAEVISA does not have the authority to approve or decide on visa applications.

13- Any dispute arising from this contract will be resolved in accordance with Turkish Law.

14- Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices will be authorized in any dispute arising from this contract.